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We offer exclusive brands from synthetic to european hair options.
About the construction of the cap...

Educating you on all the different options available is a very important part of our process. This will help us meet your needs and your lifestyle.

Hand tied cap/ 100% hand-knotted

  • Creates an extremely natural looking appearance
  • Each hair is hand-tied onto the base
  • Extremely comfortable fitting cap- recommended for sensitive scalp & hair loss
  • Hair can be parted in any direction


  • Creates a very natural look; giving hair the appearance that it is growing from the scalp
  • Each hair is hand-tied to cap base
  • Monofilament added to crown, part, or top front section mostly
  • Hair can be parted in any direction

Lace Front

  • Creates a natural-looking front hairline
  • Hair is hand-tied to lace
  • Lace areas are added around front hairline
  • Allows hair to be styled away from the face
  • Lace is a delicate material

Machined wefted

  • Traditional construction- machine sews hair onto a weft
  • Affordable
  • Cap has openings between wefts
  • Built-in volume at the crown
  • Hair is teased at the scalp of cap to help blend the cap openings

French Top

  • Hidden knots at scalp
  • Extremely natural looking for darker hair


  • Helps to secure with medical grade silicone inside cap

CancerCare (800-813-HOPE) and The American Cancer Society provide free wigs to those in need.

Batavia Wigs and Hair Pieces Machined wefted

About hair pieces...

Hair pieces come in all different sizes and shapes. Depending on your head size, area of coverage and the type of hair you have, will help determine the right hair piece. Like wigs, hair pieces are constructed the same way using french and monofilent tops, lace fronts, areas with silicone and either hand tied or machine wefted bases.

Hair pieces are also referred to as hair toppers, falls, toupees, wiglets, partial hair replacements, non surgical hair replacement, switch, pastiche, sheitel, hair systems, units or head covering.

How are hair pieces attached?

  • Hair pieces can be clipped or bonded down to your head.
  • Bonding can be done daily to monthly
  • Bonding can be done at home with medical grade tape or in a salon with adhesives
Batavia Wigs and Hair Pieces

About Hair types...

Virgin Hair

  • Most natural
  • Never been chemically processed

European Hair

  • Most natural moving hair
  • Minimally processed
  • Hair can be air dried and have a great natural look
  • Can be colored and permed
  • Fine hair
  • Best choice for long hair or flatter looking styles
  • Moisture in hair

Indian/ Asian Hair

  • Goes through several chemical processes
  • Hair runs in same direction ( helps to not tangle)
  • Must be blow dried and styled
  • Lacks movement
  • Thicker hair
  • Good choice for long hair or full styles
  • Can be colored or permed
  • Drier looking and feeling

High Heat Synthetic

  • Made of synthetic fibers
  • Can be styled with a blow drier or irons
  • After wearing serval times hair tends to clump together
  • Ideal for short term use
  • Cannot be colored
  • Shine
  • Holds a style

Blend High heat/ human

  • Mix of human and high heat synthetic
  • Human hair can be colored but not the synthetic
  • Heat can be applied
  • Holds a style


  • Made of synthetic fibers
  • Fibers have a memory allowing to hold a style like a perm
  • Cannot be color or permed
  • Must be styled by a professional to change style or remove matting
  • After wearing, the hair will start to clump together (Hair won't be able to swing)
  • Ideal for short hair styles
  • Holds a style
  • Shine

Alopecia Hair Solutions can help you find a wig or hair piece in or near Batavia, IL.

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