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Your Answer To Hair Loss.


What do we offer?

We offer Private In-Home Consultations for hair solutions. Wigs, hair pieces, hats, scarves, topicals and laser light therapy.

What kind of products do we offer?

Top quality human hair wigs and enhancements.

How much do wigs and hair pieces cost?

Prices can vary from $300 – $12,000. Virgin hair/European hair being at the top and synthetic hair being on the lower end.

Do you offer alterations of the wigs and/or hair solutions?

Yes, we first try to find the best option available that is stock, so that alterations are not necessary. Typically most hair solutions will need to be cut and styled to create the look you want. All human hair wigs and enhancements can be colored.

Do you work with people who have alopecia or trichotillomania?

Yes. We work with lots of women and children suffering from from all kinds of hair loss.

Will my insurance help to cover expenses?

Doctors can write a prescription for Cranial Prosthesis. Some insurance companies offer coverage towards solutions. Call your insurance company for more details.

Can my wig be tax deductible?

A hair prosthesis may be a tax deductible medical expense.

Are there grants out there to help cover costs for wigs and hair pieces?

Yes. One grant program is the Ascot Fund offered by NAAF.

Looking for a wig or hair piece in Chicago or in the Chicagoland suburbs?

Alopecia Hair Solutions helps find wigs and hair pieces with Private IN-HOME consultations and fittings.