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Human hair wigs

Looking closer at human hair Wigs

Human Hair for Wigs and Hair Pieces...

It's important to know what kind of hair your wig is made of these days. Human hair used to craft a wig can come from several different parts of Europe, India, and China. The majority of wigs are made from hair that is harvested from India and Asian. Indian/Asian hair has a thicker denier and is typically heavier than European. European hair is much finer and softer with a fine denier and is extremely sought after, which drives up the price.

Remy human hair is where all of the hair cuticles are kept to run in the same direction. High end wig companies will pay extra to get bundles of remy hair to craft a wig or hairpiece. When all of the cuticles run in the same direction, this will reduce tangling and will give hair a softer and silker appearance. All European is considered remy.

The way the hair is processed after the hair has been harvested is extremely important. After years of being industry, we have learned you get what you pay for. Working only with companies that pride themselves on using high end remy hair, premium chemicals and a slow skillful process to process hair is very important us, resulting in a higher end product for you. The stronger and more aggressive the chemical processing is will affect the integrity of the hair and won't last as long.

The biggest difference between Indian/ Asian Hair and European Hair is the way the hair is processed. Indian /Asian Hair goes through approximately six different chemical processes and can leave hair feeling drier and giving it more volume next to European Hair. European Hair is the closest thing to virgin hair and is minimally processed.

Indian/ Asian Human Hair vs. European Human Hair

Choosing between a Remy Indian/ Asian or a European Human Hair Wig or Hair Piece can be a difficult decision to make. Depending on what your natural hair is or was like will help to determine which type would suit you best. If your hair is soft and fine most likely European Hair will give you a more natural look. If your natural hair is or was thicker, corse or wavy Indian/ Asian could be your match. There are a lot of other factors to also consider such as comfort, how often will you wear it, how long you will wear it, hair length and style, maintenance, color, texture and price.

Chemical Processing on Indian/ Asian Hair...

  1. Sanitize
  2. Some lower end companies will remove the cuticle on Indian/ Asian hair to thin the denier of stands, resulting in brittle, dry and fluffy/volumized hair. When the cuticle remains intact the hair will look healthy, softer and have the elasticity to give it good movement
  3. Depigmentation process is to lighten the Indian/ Asian Hair from being so dark. Carefully bleaching the hair is important to kept the cuticle intact, which can take several days to completely remove color to a translucent stage.
  4. Color will be applied to Indian/ Asian Hair after all color pigment is remove from hair. The color selected will match the color swatches of the manufacture.
  5. Perming the hair to add a wave is very common on Indiana/ Asian hair due to the hair being naturally straight. (pick one wavy, curly straight)
  6. Top coating/sealer is applied to lock and seal in color and moisture for shine.

European Human Hair

Due to European Hair being HIGH END the cuticle of the hair always remains intact. Most European hair has some natural wave and doesn't need to be permed.

  1. Sanitize
  2. European hair will not be bleached if it's light brown or darker. Only the natural dark blonde hair or lighter will be bleached for the blonde wigs.
  3. Top coating/sealer is applied to lock and seal in color and add moisture for shine.

Virgin Hair

  • Most natural
  • Never been chemically processed

European Hair

  • Most natural moving hair
  • Minimally processed
  • Hair can be air dried and have a great natural look
  • Can be colored and permed
  • Fine hair
  • Best choice for long hair or flatter looking styles
  • Moisture in hair

Indian/ Asian Hair

  • Goes through several chemical processes
  • Hair runs in same direction ( helps to not tangle)
  • Must be blow dried and styled
  • Lacks movement
  • Thicker hair
  • Good choice for long hair or full styles
  • Can be colored or permed
  • Drier looking and feeling


The Good...


Human Hair feels softer when it touch your skin, this is important if you like to wear bangs or longer hair.  It also will not become clumped together and frizz up if  hair rubs your on your collar.  Human Hair Cap are generally made with higher quality materials, which will be softer to the touch of your skin.


Most human hair wigs can be permed or colored darker, coloring hair lighter is not recommended unless it is virgin hair.  Styling just like your own hair, with blow drier and curling iron as needed.  Baby Hairs or fringe are typically cut around hairline to give a natural hairline appearance, so that hair can be worn up in a low pony or bun.


Human hair wigs come in different textures depending on the type of hair and how its been processed. European will be the finest and softest, while Indian/ Asian Hair will be more processed and will be thicker in texture.


If carefully cared for a human hair wigs can last 1-2 years. Most high end wigs can then be sent back to factory to have more hairs vented/added into cap base if needed.

Natural Look

Human hair wigs feel and move like real hair... because it is real hair. European hair will move and bounce more than Indian/ Asian hair.

The Bad...

At Home Care

Indian/ Asian Hair typically needs to be blown out with a blow drier and round brush or air dried and styled with an iron so that the hair will lay flat and and to add bend to ends of hair. Due to all the chemical processes done to Indian/ Asian Hair it will have a lot of natural volume and wave.  European Hair can be air dried and  very natural look.  After about 40 hrs of wearing your wig or hair piece, you will probably want to wash your wig.  

Both Indian/ Asian and European Hair

It is extremely important to use care products specifically formulated for highly processed human hair. Also keep in mind that wigs and hair pieces do not benefit from your scalps natural oils, so it's important to hydrate and condition hair. Sweat and oils from your body can cause the cap of wig to have an odor and hair will start to collect dust and debris causing the hair to stick together and not move freely.  Deep conditioning with every third washing to keep moisture in hair is recommended.  Both Indian/ Asian and European Hair

It is extremely important to use care products specifically formulated for highly processed human hair. Also keep in mind that wigs and hair pieces do not benefit from your scalps natural oils, so it's important to hydrate and condition hair.


Human hair wigs will react to HUMID weather and can become frizzy and limp. The sun can also lighten and dry out hair.  It's recommended that you wear a hat or have an alternate wig for long periods in sun.



Just like our natural hair a human hair wig will fade when exposed to sunlight.  Oxidation fading will occur on Indian/ Asian Hair, due to the hair going through a depigmentation process prior to the wig being made.  European Hair will also fade but will hold color longer and typically won't fade as much because hair hasn't been depigmented or permed.

The Reality...

Human Hair Wigs cost more than synthetic due to the high demands of harvesting human hair and the processing. Typically starting around $1,000 and going up to as high as $6,000. The longer the hair the more it will cost, European Hair is ALWAYS more than Indian/ Asian Human Hair.

A Recommendation...
If you want the most natural looking wig or hair piece, go for human hair.
If you plan to wear your wig or hair piece for long periods of the time though out the day, human hair.
If your hair style is longer than a cropped bob, go for human hair.
Human hair wigs are expensive but like a good pair of jeans, you want a wig that makes you look and feel good and sometimes that feeling is PRICELESS.

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