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Looking for a good wig?

Tips from Alopecia Hair Solutions on how to buy the right wig in St. Charles and the surrounding Chicagoland Areas

Important information to consider when looking to purchase a wig

There are so many options now available in the hair loss world, which can make finding the right wig a difficult decision to make. Start with getting educated on the variety of all the different wigs available to you first. Receiving accurate information will help you to make a good decision on the right wig... the first time. CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING:

Reason for needing?

For a fun- only wearing occasionally or wearing daily- due to a medical conditions. The longer you wear your wig, the more comfortable you will want your wig to be while your wearing.

What's in the inside of the wig?

Check out what will be touching your scalp. Wigs have different purposes, some are made to sit onto hair and some are constructed to stick onto your skin to eliminate movement.

How Long or Short do you want to wear your wig?

Synthetic wigs are good for short hair but not so much for long hair. The longer your hair is the more it will touch your collar and move, which can cause a long synthetic wig to become extremely tangled within only a few hours after wearing. There are many different types of hair used to make ranging from Synthetic, High Heat Synthetic, Indian- Chinese, Remy, Combo, European to Virgin hair.

How real do I want my wig to look?

Different hair quality and cap construction can give off completely different looks. For example- a machined wig can look very full and teased at scalp, which is to camouflage the wefts underneath. If you naturally had/have thin hair you may think this type of wig has way too much hair for you, while others may love all the natural volume on these wigs. Then, there's the hand tied cap with lace, these caps look like the hair on the wig is actually coming out of your scalp and is extremely natural looking. The way a cap is constructed will also determine if you can change the part or style of your wig.

What is the cost involved in purchasing a wig?

Like anything else, the more you spend... the more you will get. A machined synthetic wigs can start around $300, where a hand tied European wig can start around $1,800.

What kind of at home care will I need to do to maintain my wig at home?

Different hair types have different needs. Some wigs can be blown dry, while others will melt if ANY heat is even near the fibers.

All of these questions can be answered during a private IN-HOME consultation with a hair loss specialist from Alopecia Hair Solutions. Alopecia Hair Solutions specializes in wigs for women and children in and around the Chicagoland area. Remember the most important thing is to find something that you can put on and feel comfortable and confident while wearing!