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Your Answer To Hair Loss.

The difference between a good wig and a bad wig

Is the difference between coping and living with hair loss.

It's easy to make yourself feel good with spending money on clothes, a mani and pedi, or dinner and drinks out with friends at a nice restaurant. But somehow when people are suffering from hair loss they feel guilty to spend money on their own self esteem. For those who suffer from hair loss their inner thoughts, experiences and relationships are very different from those who don't suffer from hair loss. Imagine swimming with friends, dating, sitting listening to a sermon, going to a wedding and how your hair will look or being a new college student and sharing a dorm. Those scenarios might all seem pretty exciting, unless you suffer from hair loss. People that suffer from hair loss are never at ease, they are always worried that someone might notice how thin their hair is or detect a bald area. Remember our inner thoughts, experiences and relationships what molds our minds and gives us self esteem. This is why for those that suffer from hair loss it is important to look good and feel confident.

With all said, the price of beauty isn't always cheap but if you suffer from hair loss you need to know... YOU ARE WORTH IT. YOU ARE WORTH IT... yes, I hope you just repeated that again!! You need to look in the mirror and feel good about the way you look, so that you can walk with self worth for yourself and your family. If you put on a wig or a hair piece and you feel better about the way you look and feel... Then that is the difference between a good wig/hair piece and a bad wig/hair piece. Yes, a good wig should make you feel good like your favorite pair of jeans, making you feel a little sassy! Now repeat again that YOU ARE WORTH IT to yourself... and find a way to justify the cost, just like you would find a way for dinner and drinks with friends. YOU ARE WORTH IT to have the feeling of self worth and walk with a confidence.

Alopecia Hair Solutions understands the emotions that come with hair loss. Offering Private In- Home Consultations and Fitting in Batavia, Wheaton, Naperville, Orland Park, Arlington Heights and the surrounding Chicagoland Area. Chemotherapy, Auto-Immune Disease, Trichotillomania, Hormones, Medication and Stress are among the most common causes for hair loss. Don't let hair loss slow you down.