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Wigs and Hats for Chemo Patients

Hats and Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients

If you or anyone you know is going through Chemotherapy you know that coping with hair loss is challenging. Alopecia Hair Solutions understands and offers help with In- Home Consultations to find solutions during this trying time. Solutions range from human hair wigs, hats with hair, hair bangs, to hats and scarves.

Our bodies have hair to protect us, it's not until we loose our hair that we realize the benefits of having hair. Wigs and hats can aid in protecting our heads when hair is lost. Blocking the suns rays, blowing wind, keeps body warm, absorbs sweat and acts as a layer of protection against bumps and bruises. Wigs and hats also give confidence to people that struggle with hair loss due to Chemotherapy.